Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lexie Conyngham

The author is breaking away from her usual and very successful series of historical detective stories with this. It's amazing!

Windhorse Burning

My review - 

This story is unlike anything else I have read from this author. It fascinated me and I couldn’t stop reading. Toby’s mother has just died. She was a missionary in Tibet and he finds her diaries. He contacts someone to translate them and make elaborate arrangements for the scattering of her ashes. He has an unhealthy adulation for his mother and from her diaries we see her as a young girl in her teens, enthusiastic and idealistic. Toby treats his mother’s memory as if she were a modern day saint.

There are plenty of other characters in this story, some very appealing and some rather appalling. It demonstrated the fact that a child’s innocence may have tragic results and that another child may well view a parent in unrealistic terms. The ending is unexpected and memorable. The title fascinated me and is explained in the story. I enjoyed this book a great deal. 

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