Sunday, 26 July 2015

John Bowen

John Bowen is a new author to me and I really like his style. This book starts in the present day but harks back to events in the Holy Land in Crusader times.


My review - 

If you enjoy fast-paced action adventures, this is the book for you. It hits the ground running and barely lets up. Holly phones her ex-husband Gabriel for help when she finds her life is in danger. She has in her possession a mysterious vessel which two factions want and will kill to get. She herself was working for one of them as part of a team analysing it. Her boss tells an incredible tale, naming the vessel the Holy Grail though it bears no resemblance to the Last Supper cup of legend. It’s very old but appears super-modern and seems to employ nanotechnology.

The story takes place both in the present day and in historic times and is well written. The ex-husband and wife are nicely drawn characters and I felt they still held considerable attraction for one another. The finale is fast and exciting and, having made my mind up right at the end what the denouement should be, I really enjoyed the ending. Highly recommended for action/thriller fans.

The author has offered two free codes for the book on If you'd like to obtain one, please leave a comment here and I'll draw two randomly. I will need your email address if you win so check again on July 29th.

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