Thursday, 2 July 2015

Jamie Sinclair

A departure from the usual style for Jamie Sinclair and it's a very successful one.


My review - 

Suppose you had been one of a gang of four young, happy lads who were celebrating leaving school, and you’d done something, collectively, which had resulted in a death. How would you live with it? This is the question posed in this unusual tale in which Vic Gossard, speaking into a digital recorder in his car in the middle of the night, wrestles with his demons. He is telling the tale of his despair, his friends, his family, and, just as it would if you were in that position, it comes out haphazardly in a stream-of-consciousness narrative which is so compelling it’s hard to stop reading. Because it’s told to the reader in the first person it has an intimacy about it.

This is a departure from Jamie Sinclair’s usual stories and a daring and worthwhile experiment. I really enjoyed it and it brought home how one uncharacteristic act by people who have previously led good lives, can devastate not only the victim and her family but the lives and families of the boys concerned. A very good read indeed.

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  1. Thanks for such a great review. Much appreciated!