Tuesday, 23 October 2018

David McGowan

A scary look at a horrible way of dealing with criminals - but is is so different?

Two Miles Down

My review -

In a future where the world’s population has been reduced by war and catastrophe, hardened criminals are dealt with by placing them in a facility two miles under the earth. No education, reparation or reintroduction to society – sounds not unlike the transportation to Australia of our relatively recent past. In a system of caves, with little food and water, unless you fancy eating rats, and with a searing temperature, the similarity to hell is pronounced. In a situation like this, a hierarchy emerges and a Leader, a charismatic megalomaniac, holds everyone in terror – even his own followers.

Occasionally an innocent is mistakenly incarcerated. This story follows the fate of two such men, one barely out of childhood. David McGowan has the knack of picking apart a person’s life and background and making you believe it, and care what happens. Even the story of a serial killer isn’t what it seemed. His writing places you with his characters in the unbearable heat and the rustling dark. This is a snapshot of a dystopian future which opened lots of possibilities in my mind. What was going on up above? Does this penal colony survive? It’s a book that I read in 24 hours – it’s that good! If this is your genre, read this. Highly recommended.

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