Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Lexie Conyngham

A new series - set in Viking times! What's not to love?

Tomb for an Eagle

Book description -

A man lies under the tawny earth, hands still clutching the knife that killed him. 
Thorfinn Sigurdarson, Earl of all Orkney and Caithness, has made a mistake, and he won’t let himself forget it. 
Now rumours have started in the Norse lands that he might be getting a second chance – but should he take it, when it means that dead men are walking?

My review -

In this new mystery series we find ourselves in the Orkneys in the Viking times, with the lords and their men, farming and fighting. The women spin, weave and get up to all sorts else. Sigrid finds a body buried in a gulley on her farmland. Ketil is looking for the murderer. The dead man was one of his followers. Through the eyes of these two, we watch the building of a new church, though the dead man was buried with the old ceremonial. Sigrid and Ketil each find small details of what’s been going on, and this body isn’t the only one we encounter. It’s a really good, though most unconventional, historical detective novel and I couldn’t drag myself away from it once I’d started. The cover art is stunning too.

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