Tuesday, 23 October 2018

R J Askew

A love triangle with a difference.

In the Room with Three Doors

My review -

This is a different view of the love triangle, but having read some of Mr Askew’s earlier work, I know his take is always rather different. Three young people, two men and a woman, in, as Rhi the girl calls it, a room with three doors, opening inward. Rhi is the survivor of twins, her sister having been killed in a road accident. Her determination is to live and to love for both of them. She is something of a mystic.

I’ve read a few books now – a very few – in which a character in a story perceives himself or herself to be just that. The creation of someone else. “She stares out from the story of her life.” It’s an intriguing idea – not unlike The Matrix – making the reader wonder what is real. If you enjoy a novella length read and want something the likes of which you’ll not have read before, this is the one. An intriguing book.

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