Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Laila Ibrahim

A stunning story. There's a sequel which I'll look out for.

Yellow Crocus

My review -

This book is set in slavery times in America. It clearly shows the demarcation between black and white people. Miss Elizabeth (Lisbeth) is effectively brought up by the slave Mattie, who in acting as her wet-nurse, is separated from her own three month old baby. The girl grows to love the black woman who loves her, rather than the birth mother who tolerates her.

I loved this story and the last twenty percent had me gripped. The story is told from both sides, Mattie’s and Lisbeth’s, and the ending is slightly predictable but none the worse for that. Twists you will not see coming are overrated, I feel. Interesting, emotional and in places exciting and scary, this book kept me in thrall to the end. I loved it.

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