Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Murder by Request

A new 'cosy' series from Lynda Wilcox, featuring a lady vicar you'd want on your side in times of trouble.

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Book description 

Meet Agnes Merryweather, the cat-rescuing, crime solving vicar of St Octavia’s church in the heart of the English Cotswolds. She has a lot on her plate, trying to organise the annual fĂȘte and keep all the participants happy ­- yet the ladies of the Women’s Institute are in a jangle over jam, the local dancing teacher demands to perform in the church, and all is far from sweetness and light.

Add in an absconder from the nearby open prison, and a murdered car salesman, and Agnes is up to her neck in trouble.

Can she solve all her problems and catch a killer before coming face to face with the bishop at the fĂȘte’s opening ceremony?

My review - 

Agnes Merryweather is a vicar in a small village. She has a body and an absconded villain on her hands. To add to that, the village fete seems to be going down the pan. This story is gentle, funny but edged with danger. I love the image of the rural community with its embattled vicar. The village fete problems rang very true too! It’s bursting with characters and is a snapshot of English village life. This is a lovely read and the ‘stained glass window’ cover image is just brilliant. It’s the start of a series and I look forward to more. Great stuff.

About the author

My first piece of published writing was a poem in the school magazine. In my twenties I wrote Pantomime scripts for Amateur Dramatic groups and comedy scripts for radio. Now I write fantasy stories for older children (10-13) and funny cozy mysteries for adults.

I live in a small town in England, in an untidy house with four ageing computers and my (equally ageing but very supportive) husband. I enjoy pottering in the garden where I grow brambles, bindweed and nettles along with roses and lillies. I also appear to very good at growing slugs! They certainly feed well on everything but the brambles and weeds.

Most of all, I love writing - it gets me out of doing the housework - and I also read a lot and enjoy good food and wine.

So, there you have it. I write, I read, I drink red wine - but not, necessarily, in that order!


Just a thought 

Thank God for books and music and things I can think about.
― Daniel Keyes

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