Friday, 9 August 2019

Killing the Girl

A new author is a great way of widening your reading. Elizabeth Hill has written a book I really enjoyed. Here's to the next.

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Book description

For over forty years Carol Cage has been living as a recluse in her mansion, Oaktree House. Fear is her constant companion. She’s been keeping a secret – and it’s about to be unearthed.

When she receives a compulsory purchase order for her home, she knows that everyone is going to find out what she did to survive her darkest weeks in 1970. She writes her confession so that we can understand what happened because she wasn’t the only one living a lie. The events that turned her fairy-tale life into a living hell were not all they seemed.

She’s determined not to pay for the mistakes of others; if she has to face justice, then they will too.

Carol Cage has a terrible secret … and she’s about to exact retribution on everyone who had abandoned her.

My review 

Carol, in her teens, comes under the spell of the charismatic Frankie and after he charms her and gives her jewellery she marries him. She’s not the only one he’s charmed, she discovers. The murky past comes to light when the home Carol inherited is demolished to make way for building and she has to relocate nearby. This is a terrific tale of obsession, envy, friendships made and broken, secrets hidden, and I was glued to it all the way. ‘The Girl’ that Carol was in 1970 is still inside her as she battles her demons in 2016. This is a really good read.

About the author

After a career Credit Management and Litigation Elizabeth is now a full-time novelist.

Enjoying a good psychological/crime mystery story, but tiring of them being based on the murder of women, her books reverse that premise so that men are at risk of being murdered in the course of a great story! 

Her debut novel is about a young girl who makes mistakes because of the confusing messages and expectations of 1970s society. She pays for those mistakes in a devastating way but grows stronger in the process.

Find out more on her website

Elizabeth lives in Bristol, UK.


Just a thought 

Books, the children of the brain ― Jonathan Swift

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