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La'lun, meaning little one, is a YA book set mostly in the English Lake District. It's a great read.

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Book description

When Camille discovers the secret her grandmother has protected for decades she knows that to tell anyone would be to tell everyone - with terrible consequences. But it could also bring the rest of her family back into her life. This is a story about love and loyalty, truth and lies. Real news, fake news and how far you'd go to protect what you love. It's a story for now with its roots in ancient folklore. Set in the Lake District, it's the story of a young person finding her place in the world by discovering something the rest of the world knows nothing about. The more she learns of the past the more she can see of her own future.

My review 

La’un (Little one). I really enjoyed this Young Adult novel. Camille is forced to leave school and live with her frosty grandmother and some ancient distant cousin, her grandmother’s age. Gradually she becomes aware that there’s something going on that she’s not aware of. She’s a typical feisty, opinionated teenager and doesn’t take kindly to being told there are things she can’t do and places she can’t go. Her grandmother otherwise treats her very well, indulging her love for art by buying her as much as she wasn’t in the way of art materials. Her only friend there, Sarah, has an older brother who is a reporter and desperate for a scoop which makes him a danger to the family secret that Camille manages to discover. The characters are very well drawn and the secret quite unexpected. I would read more by this author.

About the Author

J N Harris has no author profile on Goodreads or Amazon but he is John Harris, professional storyteller who takes his stories into schools. 


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Books are a narcotic ― Franz Kafka

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