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Subtitled A Trio of Dark Novellas, this book by Sam Kates is a winner for those who like something dark but something a little different.

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Book description

The Goldfish Syndrome: a mystery takes a sinister turn—some secrets are best left undiscovered…

Moths: when the line between reality and fantasy grows blurred, tragedy beckons.

Returned: a soul dragged from the afterlife, an ancient secret and a race against time to thwart evil.

My review - 

The three novellas in this collection are all dark, as the subtitle says, but in very different ways.
In the first, a young woman comes down off Dartmoor with amnesia. Her story is followed up by a trainee reporter who finds more than he expected. This one I found very readable but deeply unsettling. Could it happen?
In the second – the title story, Moths – I began by sympathising with a youngster who had little in his life but one best friend. This story left me wondering what is true and what is in the mind. A really thought-provoking story.
The final one was more like a traditional horror story but, as often with Sam Kates, taken from a different perspective. Very dark humour in places and an exciting denoument. I loved this book and if your tastes lean towards the dark side, it’s the book for you, without a doubt.

About the author

As you've probably gathered since you've found your way to my author page, I sometimes go by the name Sam Kates. If there's a photo on this page of a middle-aged bloke with a hair shortage, that's me.

I live in Wales, a small constituent country of Great Britain and the U.K. Like many of my fellow countrymen, I possess a fondness for rugby union (though these days only as a spectator) and a good pint of beer. Usually the two go hand in hand.

As often as I can make the time (darn that interfering day job), I'm an author. I write science fiction, fantasy, horror and general fiction. 
Outside of writing, my main ambition is to see Wales beat the New Zealand All Blacks to win the Rugby World Cup. A forlorn hope, I suspect, but if you're going to harbour ambitions, they might as well be lofty, right?


Just a thought

Books - the best antidote against the marsh-gas of boredom and vacuity ― George Steiner

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