Thursday, 13 September 2012

A K Dawson

Andrew writes in various genres and I enjoy his style.

Clan Fraser, Once Removed  Clan Fraser, Once Removed

My review -

The main character in this book, Richard, is not a pleasant chap. He's self-obsessed, convinced he's brilliant at his job (graphic designer) and when he's sacked he's certain he will soon be snapped up by another company. His 22 year old special needs brother Charlie comes to stay with him. Charlie is a huge, happy and enthusiastic toddler in a man's body. Everyone loves him except the brother to whom he is a burden. Through its first person narration, we listen in on Richard's thoughts and from his views on other people and especially his brother, we get a clearer picture of his character than he has! There's a woman in the story, there's a castle, a sword and a Dad back home in South Africa. The story all comes together and towards the end we become aware that Richard has grown up a good deal and we like him a lot more.

Andrew Dawson is a fine writer with a delightful sense of humour. There are some wry smiles, some giggles and a few laugh-aloud moments here. I really enjoy his style and feel that at the end of the book I have learnt something about life and had my enjoyment of it reinforced. I recommend this lovely story wholeheartedly.

Poison Oak Summer - Part 1  Poison Oak Summer - Part 1

My review -

I don't normally read books about teenagers but the product description for Poison Oak Summer drew me in. Lucy, an English eighteen year old, goes to work as a counsellor at an American Summer Camp. She is viewed by many as being boring and law abiding but so are many of us! She is burdened by a heartbreaking event in her recent past and hopes to try to forget a little. She finds the body of a little boy in the river but can't make anyone take her seriously.

The writing is superb and the characters felt real to the extent that I occasionally wanted to give Lucy a shake and to ground some of the girls! At the end of this book Lucy walks to the nearest town and finds some surprising, even shocking things about her fellow campers. The book is long novella length and is the first of three. I have already downloaded the other two. I NEED to know what happens next. It's intriguing, exciting and very good indeed!

Poison Oak Summer - Part 2  Poison Oak Summer - Part 2

My review -

This second part of the Poison Oak Summer trilogy of novellas starts straight in with the excitement. I found myself deep in the story from the very beginning and AK Dawson ratchets up the tension expertly. I don't wish to give away the story but the young Summer Camp counsellor Lucy finds out about her fellow members of the camp and in the process does some growing up.

I find the author's style of writing fluent, deceptively simple and very engaging. The story continues in part 3 which I shall start immediately. I gave part 1 a 5* review. I now find myself reaching for a sixth!

Poison Oak Summer - Part 3  Poison Oak Summer - Part 3

My review -

This concluding part of AK Dawson's wonderful story came to a really satisfying conclusion from my point of view. He is a talented writer and I've enjoyed all of these novellas. I can see that if published together they would make a rather long book but it's a great story. As with anything involving the paranormal I have had to undertake some willing suspension of disbelief but it has been a pleasure.

The story became complicated, characters' relationships more involved. The author has managed to make the 18 year old Lucy mature in a convincing way over these three books and she finds herself and her role by the end. I really recommend these books. They tell a great story.

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