Thursday, 13 September 2012

David Wailing

David Wailing writes modern fiction and deals with relationships in an unusual way.

Relationship Status  Relationship Status

My review -

This short story (6,000 words or so) makes a great quick read for in between the longer books. It proposes that our technology will have grown so fast in the next 10 years that we can have an 'organiser' that learns our likes and dislikes (Google, Amazon, I see where he's coming from!).

I have not read much of David Wailing's work but enough to know that he has a clear and readable writing style and can certainly get to the heart of a story. I enjoyed this very much and now I REALLY must read one of his full length novels. It's a shame to know a talented author only by his shorts!

Timeline  Timeline

My review -

This is another short story set in the same imagined future as Relationship Status. Technology is managing people's lives to such an extent that their 'autos' or on-line assistants can take care of all daily needs including making and updating friendships. I enjoyed both these stories for the way they make me think about our current penchant for sharing our lives through digital media. Some of David's ideas seem wonderful and some absolutely monstrous! I wonder how far we will go in ten years? Currently certain on-line retailers cannot reliably predict which books I would like to read!

David Wailing's writing is clear, light hearted and modern in style and he tackles some unusual subjects and does it in depth. I like his style!

Fake Kate  Fake Kate

My review -

In this exciting story by David Wailing, Belinda impersonates her sister Kate in an attempt to discover why she has suddenly disappeared. She attends 8 meetings her sister has set up on an internet dating site. At each she learns more about her sister, much more than she bargained for. The story ducks and weaves as we follow Belinda's efforts to appear and act more like her sister.

David Wailing takes an ordinary relationship and asks us, `How well do you know anyone? How well do you know yourself?' His writing style is well suited to following the trivialities of the lives of clubbers and DJs and then finding the deeper levels. He is a thoughtful writer and sets the reader challenges. There is often more to his characters than at first appears. This is the case here and our preconceptions are knocked down time and again. The ending of this book seems to have divided readers. You can count me firmly in the positive camp. I love it when an author leaves me something to think about. This is a great story, well told.

Friend Request  Friend Request

My review -

This short story is yet another little gem set in David Wailing's near future world. This will make you want to switch off your phone! It's set in a time not too far away when we all have electronic 'autos', effectively personal assistants, to which we confide our deepest secrets. What if your secrets came to light? What if the autos talk to one another and spill the beans?

This is funny, thought provoking and also rather horrific! Is there any one of us without some little bit of information we wouldn't like spread abroad? As always, David's writing is clear and unfussy, with a modern feel. He can get technical about the computery stuff without losing me - quite a feat. This is a very enjoyable read which gives you something to mull over - what more do you want from a book?

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