Monday, 10 September 2012

Sophie Robbins

Sophie is a young author with, if this is an example, great prospects.

A Hole in the World  A Hole in the World

My review -

In theory I wouldn't enjoy this book. It's a relationship driven, romantic fairy tale which features and is probably aimed at young adults. In fact, it's exactly the genre I wouldn't read. However, it was one of the Goodreads Christmas Gifts, donated by authors - thank you Sophie, you did me a favour! It was beautifully written and the author engages the reader in a remarkable way. The story is interesting, the pace is sustained and the end is quite exciting. Even those of us long out of our young adulthood can remember the feelings, self doubts and anxieties that filled our lives at that stage. Sophie Robbins writes carefully and cleverly and the characters leap from the page.
I enjoyed this book very much and I think Sophie is a young author well worth watching.

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