Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jason P Stadtlander

Ruins of the Mind  Ruins of the Mind

My review -

I have grown to enjoy short stories much more since I bought my kindle and this must be one of the best collections around. They are different from one another in style but they all have something in common. They have 'real' characters, protagonists who have feelings, needs, with whom you empathise. My heart was in my mouth with some of these stories and the subjects dealt with are not easy ones - cancer in a young mother, death of a parent etc. The author is very good at getting into the minds of children. Several of these stories feature youngsters and they and their worries are taken seriously. Some stories have an 'otherworldly' element to them. Fantasy, miracle, magic? - whatever you want to call it, there's just a little sprinkling of its dust on the edge of the tale which is quite uplifting.

The author tells us at the end of the book that he intends to turn one of them into a longer work. I look forward to this. It is a story with considerable potential and many unanswered questions. Jason Stadtlander writes with intelligence and passion and this is communicated to the reader. I just love this book!

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