Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nell Grey

The Golden Web - Three Magical Women  The golden Web - Three Magical Women

My review -

Nell Grey has a wonderfully poetic writing style well suited to this story. Ellie grows up with a deep connection to the land around and to the cycles of the year. She discovers she has abilities which her own instincts refine. We learn of her journey to find and join with other practitioners of the Old Religion, The Craft. In the second part (originally a separate story) we learn of her grandmother who had similar talents. You don't need to have any beliefs in witchcraft to enjoy this book. I found it entirely fascinating and beautifully told.

These days more of us are holding to ecologically based beliefs and the knowledge that humans cannot do as they wish with the world and simply take what they want. The balance shown in this book, the following of the cycles of the year as causes for celebration, all this rings true without a belief in the ways of Ellie's Hidden People. This is at its basic level, simply a gripping story of members of a family whose gifts are strange to most people but whose intentions in using them were good. It's a riveting read!

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