Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rosen Trevithick

Rosen writes over several genres but this book is a funny one.

Pompomberry House  Pompomberry House

My review -

This is a warm, knowing and very funny elbow in the ribs of the epublishing community - writers, readers, forums, reviewers, all get a nudge and a wink in this clever spoof. A group of writers from a kindle forum meet at an Island retreat to produce an anthology. Afterwards, stories from the book begin to happen in real life. Spooky. Scary in fact, since some depict murder. The author has caught the excitement of the new era in publishing, and the desire of budding and experienced authors to establish themselves in that world and be appreciated for their talent. There's also a side-swipe at reviewers! Moreover, she has written it very cleverly. Dee, the first person narrator, tells her tale at times in a slightly self-conscious 'writerly' fashion, as though trying to sell us her story. Rosen Trevithick's own voice sings through though, in some extremely funny lines and memorable phrases.

This book is a truimph. We will all recognise some of the characters but wince in horror at some of the monstrous exaggerations she has turned some of them into. The story itself carries us through to a rollicking ending. So far I have only read a few of Rosen's short stories but enough to tell that whatever her subject, she is a talented writer. This contains that extra spark that has me jumping up and down, waving things in the air and shouting 'Five stars, five stars!'

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