Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Paul Fenton (P A Fenton)

Paul writes very funny books.  I love his style and humour.


Amazon.com   Punchline

My review -

This book is a fast moving adventure story with a high body count. The premise is that an author has all his previously rejected manuscripts stolen and published under other people's names. Naturally he is apoplectically angry. He tries to track his works and those who stole them and find out how they managed to get hold of the books. There are lots of interesting characters in this story and the ending is a real surprise. I love the author's sense of humour. Paul Fenton is a talented and funny writer.
The book is a real page turner and I enjoyed it immensely.

Cellar Door

Amazon.com  Cellar Door

My review -

Cellar Door is the second novel from Paul Fenton, author of Punchline and it confirms that he is no one-book-wonder. As the story unfurls we are drawn into the lives of a young couple who lose their jobs and face serious financial hardship. What they find in their cellar could change all that but finding it puts them in danger.

If you don't like strong language you will not even get as far as the beginning of Chapter 17 which had me laughing so loudly on a train journey that I startled a fellow passenger. The book is brilliantly written and brimming with Paul Fenton's wickedly funny dark sense of humour. He can go from hysterically funny to deeply poignant in a few words - an enviable skill. I look forward to yet more work of such quality from this talented writer.

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