Thursday, 13 September 2012

Skyler West

They Won't be Missed  They Won't be Missed

My review -

I enjoyed this story very much. Mark, a widower and a policeman, is trying to regain custody of his 6 year old daughter. He is a hot-headed man who sometimes makes bad decisions but when he seems to be getting close to finding out what's going on at a neighbouring housing project for the homeless, he gets in deeper trouble than he could have imagined. He is fired from his job, fitted up for a murder and goes on the run. Things go from bad to worse.

The story cranks up the excitement as we follow Mark's attempts to gain information and to save his daughter whose safety is threatened. I found this story fast and tense and really had trouble doing anything else all day. Fortunately it's a bank holiday! The writing style is easy and accessible and if you (like me!) love a high level conspiracy, you will really enjoy this book. I hope Skyler West is working on another.

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