Thursday, 13 September 2012

G L Breedon

The Wizard of Time  The Wizard of Time

My review -

This book throws the reader into the deep end from the beginning. It is a faced paced fantasy adventure in which a young man discovers his gifts and his destiny and undergoes training as a Mage. Don't for a moment think 'Hogwarts' though. This is training on the job. Gabriel, the young Time Mage, find himself in a war between Good and Evil Mages and he realises that each side wants to 'use' him.

I kept finding myself thinking of Ursula Le Guin's work but this seemed to me to be faster paced and in some ways a more satisfying read. It also makes the reader think about good and evil and the fact that there can be grey areas. This is a must for fans of the Fantasy genre and it is obvious that there will be more to read about this charming young man, Gabriel. I'll be there when there is!

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