Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Alan McDermott

Alan's books are unusual thrillers featuring the ex-SAS Tom Gray.

Gray Justice (Tom Gray #1)   Gray Justice (Tom Gray #1)

My review -

This is a fast moving adventure/thriller story in which the ex-SAS man Tom Gray, after having his family devastated by the actions of a persistent petty criminal, takes justice into his own hands. The plot is cleverly set up and Gray ensures prime time media coverage for his crusade to review the justice system. There is a sub plot in which a terrorist group tries to take advantage of the media attention for their own purposes. Both these plots are cleverly woven together. Things are not all they seem, though.

This is very well written with clear, concise prose and no wasted waffle. Alan McDermott is a writer to keep and eye on. I am certainly going to read his follow up book, Gray Resurrection.

Gray Resurrection (Tom Gray #2)   Gray Resurrection (Tom Gray #2)

My review -

This is the second book featuring ex SAS man Tom Gray. If you haven't yet read the first (Gray Justice) I won't add any spoilers - but you've missed a treat. This book was easily up to the high standard of the first. We meet some of the characters from the first book, both good and bad, and if you love a good consiracy theory you'll be in your element here. Alan McDermott's writing style really suits this action-packed adventure type of story. He is clear and concise and never waffly. We are soon deep into the story and become quickly aware of what the hero is up against. It seems impossible but with his friends' help and his own clear and quick thinking our man acquits himself well.

There is enough technical detail here to satisfy anyone who knows about guns and fighting but not so much that the layman is floundering. It's a book you have to keep reading and we reach a very satisfying conclusion which leaves us scope for more. I greatly look forward to it.

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  1. I completely agree - fast moving thrillers with no waffle. Book #1 is really thought-provoking and makes you ponder the improvements that could be made to the justice system. You know Tom’s doing the ‘wrong’ thing but you root for him all the same. I'm looking forward to Tom Gray #4!