Monday, 10 September 2012

Lexie Conyngham

Lexie writes historical murder mysteries.

Death in a Scarlet Gown  Death in a Scarlet Gown

My review -

This is the first book in what I hope will be a long series. The young man Charles Murray has a serious falling out with his father over his future. Young Charles is a natural academic but his father wants him to take his place in society and help with running the family's estates. We meet with characters both pleasant and unpleasant and of course with murder most foul. The writing is superb and there's enough action to keep us on the edge of our seats, both with the progress of investigation of the mysterious deaths and with Murray's fight to stay in St Andrew's to take his MA.

Murray is a really 3 dimensional character, with his own likes, dislikes and prejudices etc. I hope to read much more about him!

Knowledge of Sins Past  Knowledge of Sins Past

My review -

Charles Murray, cut off financially by his father, is forced to make a living in spite of being heir to a great estate of his own. He does this by taking the post of Private Secretary to Lord Scoggie and tutor to his sons. The setting at Scoggie Castle, the locals who have historic reasons to detest one another, the one-legged war hero and of course, the two young lads Murray has to teach, give a huge variety to the writing. The boys are real little lads - I think I know them! Murray is a well rounded character - not a perfect know-all - and you can really warm to him.
The rest of the family and the locals are well drawn and the writing overall is excellent and the story gripping from the start.
I understand there are more Murray of Letho books in the wings. I really look forward to them.

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