Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nick Wastnage

Death in the Fishing Net  Death in the Fishing Net

My review -

This is a short novel which I was able to read in an evening. Nevertheless it is packed with action and stuffed with believable characters. Monroe has a row with his wife, after which she leaves him. She is found murdered shortly afterwards. He later meets a new woman, Stevie and they marry. Stevie, through a series of discoveries, comes to believe that Monroe himself did away with his first wife. We follow her and Monroe's son Greg as they try to make sense of all this and begin to unravel the truth.

The writing is very good, crisp and immediate. I was very soon sucked in to the story and made to care about the characters. I found Stevie and Greg to be very sympathitic characters although perhaps the Police Inspector was too rude to be true! (Maybe I've only met the polite ones?) The last part of the story, as we came to realise what had happened, became very tense and exciting. A great little read, this!

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