Thursday, 13 September 2012

Martin Cosgrove

The Destiny of Ethan King   The Destiny of Ethan King

My review -

This story of the growing into manhood of a young man from Merseyside is a variation of the tale of the `Mysterious Artefact from the Past with Miraculous Properties.' The really miraculous thing here though, is the young man himself, Ethan. Not only does he discover that he is gay but that he is the holder of supernatural powers. The usual troubled teenage angst really has plenty to go on. For those like myself, who love a touch of the supernatural and a dollop of the occult, this story is a must. You need to suspend your disbelief but then, that's what fiction is all about. The strength of this story is that we would all like to feel we are a little different, special, people of destiny. Ethan King really is. I will not spoil the story but simply say that we are perplexed as to what are the influences of good and evil in the book but we learn along with Ethan himself.

The writing is very accessible and the story, I felt, gathered pace to an exciting ending. I found myself eager to read on and discover what happened next. There were places where it set the reader to thinking. What would the result be of a source of infinite power? Would it free mankind or tempt the despotic to steal it for themselves and further enslave the poor. Nothing has a simple answer. Martin Cosgrove has a fluent writing style and some interesting ideas. I will certainly read whatever else he publishes.

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