Monday, 10 September 2012

Ravi Veloo

This looks like being the first in a series and I look forward to reading more.  A great concept.

Radio Multiverse  Radio Multiverse

My review -

This is a really well written book from the point of view of its lack of English language errors and typos, the curse of the self proof-read indie author. The concept is fascinating too though I'm not sure I understood all of the science. I have a science degree but 'back in those days' they hadn't invented string theory! However, it was all explained clearly and in a fascinating manner. The main action of the book is what would normally be called 'thriller' in that there are multiple strands of plot line and several groups trying to catch up with Paul, the man who received the radio communication.
I found it gripping, very hard to put down and I look forward to reading more of this 'multiverse'. Much was explained but there are still enough loose threads to ensure that a sequel will be eagerly sought by those who, like me, have found this book so enjoyable.

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