Thursday, 13 September 2012

Robert Franks

Bob is writing a series called The Glass Apple; of the three currently published I have given 5 stars to books 1 and 3 with book 2 a close second with 4 stars.  Here are the 5* reviews.

The Glass Apple  The Glass Apple

This book is a wonderful work of imagination. It's a fantasy which moves through time and introduces us to some familiar characters - familiar if you love Celtic mythology anyway. It revolves around 3 children and their strange but endearing Grandad (who is much more than he seems to be). The children also prove to have hidden depths as the tale progresses. They are given a quest which takes them back in time and involves them with some great characters.

The action is fast paced in this story; it's exciting and gripping. It's a funny book too, you'll enjoy the humour. Robert Franks also writes some beautiful descriptive prose - he has a flair for this - and he can set a scene in a very special way.

There is another book in this series so I think I'm going to have to download that one - I really need to find out what happens.

The Song of the Shaman - Glass Apple Book 3 The Song of the Shaman

My review -

This is the third book in the Glass Apple series and it deals with the great questions posed in the earlier books. Although some of this is deadly serious, the evil Mebd and Kylie's missing little sister Anna, it has a light side. We see Etain becoming a woman again (instead of a plastic doll) and we are introduced to Jason's librarian friend, the gay and feisty Ant. In this volume the siblings and Ant are taken back through time to early America, the home of their mysterious father. Etain and Gobswistle meanwhile are present at the destruction of a huge road bridge and a scene of total devastation in the British Museum.

There are some wonderfully funny moments in this book. Although Robert Franks has a handle on the traditions of world mythology he doesn't get too serious and allows his delightful sense of humour to enliven it all. There is chaos and mayhem in abundance and a great deal of excitement. If you love fantasy you will love this book and those still to come.

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