Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jamie Sinclair

Jamie writes a good story with great characters and uses some inspired language to do so.

All the Fun of the Fair  All the Fun of the Fair

My review -

This is my first Jamie Sinclair book and I was mightily impressed. It begins by introducing us to a selection of dysfunctional characters, living lives on the edge of society - social misfits. Gradually as their stories unfold to us, their lives touch each other tangentially, coalesce in some cases, and I found myself fascinated. It is a difficult book to stop reading!

I enjoyed the style, the dipping in and out of lives, the eventual realisation that many were interlinked. I also loved Jamie Sinclair's use of vocabulary. We have so many nuances in our language - we are lucky and should use them. Each apparent synonym conveys a different shade of meaning and I love to see the language used more extensively. The denoument of the book is wonderful. Some of the characters 'came good' and reached within themselves for the sake of others. Some managed, through finding each other, to excise the poison of their past relationships. (Slime balls still remain slimeballs though, but we relish their downfall!) This is altogether a satisfying and enjoyable read and I thoroughly recommend it.


  1. Ace! Nice to be featured on here. I'm sure everyone appreciates the support. I've shared this blog with all the means at my disposal.

  2. Thanks for the message Jamie. I really enjoyed the book and must try to find time to read another of yours.