Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Jim Chaseley

Jim's manic cyborg stole my heart!

Z14  Z14

My review -

This funny fantasy sci-fi story concerns a cyborg who can only remember the past 5 years and makes a living as an assassin. Not a prepossessing figure you might think but in his computer brain is the remains of human elements from his former life and this often influences his decisions. He is a Robin Hood figure and if he deems the hirer to be less worthy than the victim he `reverse assassinates'. He joins forces with some strange human rebels and a technically dead professor to try to protect his planet, an earth colony, from some anatomically strange blue aliens. It's all in here!

I love this sort of light hearted fantasy and it dropped onto my Kindle just as life made me really appreciate a laugh. You need to suspend your disbelief but if you do you will have an enjoyable ride. Our hero Zed, or Zee as he is sometimes called to his annoyance, becomes gradually more dismembered as the story proceeds but still manages to come out a winner. There is one little episode (about his son) which was short, powerful and not at all sentimental, which I thought was brilliantly done.

The author's sense of humour really chimes with my own. I loved the ending and eagerly anticipate another Z14 book. I hope I don't have to wait too long for it.

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