Thursday, 13 September 2012

Karen Lowe

Karen's two previous books, which I read before I began to review, would also have received 5 stars from me.  They are gardening related murder mysteries.

Death in the Winter Garden Death in the Winter Garden

Death in the Physic Garden  Death in the Physic Garden

Her latest book involves both plants and quilts.  It could have been written just for me!

My review -

This is a delightful story which includes many of my favourite things - patchwork and quilting, family history, botany and a murder mystery. I've done all of them except murder! Bronwen, a quilt artist, is giving a lecture when a young girl, Cat, brings her a quilt which belonged to her great, great grandma. She wants to sell it and use the proceeds to leave home. Bron and Cat together start to research the family and to remove the hexagonal papers over which the quilt is formed. These are re-used letters and diary pages. Through these means we move back and forward in time and, like making a quilt, we piece together evidence to produce a whole fabric of history. In the meantime, a modern murder is committed and Bronwen, now settled in detective mode, has her suspicions.

Karen Lowe re-creates a past in which a young girl in a financially secure position tries to push the limits of acceptability to rid herself of an unwelcome new governess; she creates a present in which a young girl is in danger. Her writing is immediate and believable and we care about them both. I enjoyed this book very much and read it in 24 hours. I loved Karen's two earlier books so I knew I was in for a treat.

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