Monday, 10 September 2012

Harry Nicholson

Harry writes poetry and you can tell.  There is a dancing of verse beneath his descriptions.

Tom Fleck Tom Fleck

My review -

I have really enjoyed reading this book. It is set at the time of the battle of Flodden and tells story of a young cattle man from the Tees-side area. It helped that I know much of the area but that's just an extra for me. I loved the dialect words too, which added to the 'true' feel of the narrative. The author is evidently a keen observer and lover of natural history. Most of the book is set outdoors and he never fails to mention birds and plants in his descriptions which are sensitive and poetic.
The historical aspect of this book must have been researched in detail as it rings so true. This is a very satisfying book to read and I recommend it most heartily.

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