Thursday, 13 September 2012

Robert Clear

I loved this book; funny, fast, furious.

The Cambridge List  The Cambridge List

My review -

This book reminds me of Tom Sharpe's work in that it becomes almost manically funny in places. Five monstrous and venal Cambridge classics dons meet a series of unlikely ends due to the influence of a group of egocentric and spiteful Olympians who are outraged at their lack of belief. James, an ex-student of the Cambridge List, who has also suffered injustice at the hands of the academics, is both the perpetrator and the victim here, as the gods are waging their personal vendettas in his brain. In spite of the fact that I would really be morally outraged at the thought of condoning murder, I was swept along with the story and loved the feuding gods and goddesses and the grossly immoral university staff.

I found the writing style intelligent, accessible and very funny. Humour is always a personal thing and I can't guarantee it will suit everybody but this book was entirely to my taste. If you love caricature, the exercise of a clever imagination and have a sense of the ridiculous it will be to yours too. I am delighted to learn that a sequel is on the cards

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